Why Does My Voice Sound Weird When It’s Recorded?

by canberk | Last Updated: January 4, 2021

Are you fond of the sound of your voice? If you’re talking about the voice you hear in your mind or the voice you hear on a recording is possibly based on that. 


The first time we heard ourselves on a tape, we undoubtedly all had an awkward moment. Wait! Is this what I sound like? This isn’t me! These are just a couple of the things that you might have said when you first heard your speech on a tape. So don’t worry it’s not only you that asks “why does my voice sound weird when it’s recorded?”

But guess what? There’s no lie in the video! That’s you. Just the digital version of your voice. So why does it sound so different from the voice inside your head you’re used to hearing? It’s all about basic science.

How Is Your Recorded Voice Compared to the Sound You Hear in Your Head?

Deep inside the inner ear reside the ear’s hearing mechanisms. In a couple of different ways, sound enters the inner ear.

Air conduction is the product of much of what we hear. Sound waves that are transmitted through the air are triggered by objects that produce sounds. 

These sound waves enter the outer ear and pass to the cochlea, which is the fluid-filled spiral organ in the inner ear that converts those waves to the brain, via the eardrum and middle ear.

The only way sounds enter the inner ear, however, is not through the air. Within your brain, the bones and tissues can also conduct sound waves directly to the cochlea. 

Your vocal cords produce sound waves when you speak that move through the air to enter your inner ear. However, the bones and tissues in your head also conduct certain sound waves directly to your cochlea, meaning that all transmitting methods originate from the voice you hear in your head as you talk. 

Speaking of science, this book of voice anatomy can inform you beyond your expectations.

When you hear your voice on a tape, you just hear transparent sounds. 

Do not worry if your voice on a recording sounds weird to you. The same thing is encountered by all. Just because it sounds funny and peculiar to you doesn’t mean it is heard that way by other people. What you hear all the time is what they’re used to hearing!

Celebrities With Weird Voices 

Distinctive voices are needed in such a multifaceted sector like film and show business. Thanks to their characteristic and weird voices, these celebrities fill the gap of that kind of entertainment in the industry. 

These celebrities are the ones maybe be proud of their unusual voices. Probably they don’t ask why does my voice sounds weird when it’s recorded?

Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey is a voice actor and actor best known for Bruce Almighty, The Truman Show, and The Cable Guy. Among his voicing projects, there are Horton the Elephant, Ebenezer Scrooge, and Count Olaf. His fun persona allows him to animate various characters with the help of his characteristic voice. 

Charlie Day

Charlie Day is a voice actor best known in Philadelphia for voicing Benny and Art and it’s still sunny, too. Alongside playing Charlie Kelly on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, he is one of the show’s executive producers as well and one of the writers.


Famous Singer Rihanna performed Mariah Carey’s single “Hero” in a school talent show when younger. Her life changed drastically when she was introduced to Evan Rodgers, a producer from New York who was in Barbados for a vacation. Her distinctive voice permits her to make unique songs. 

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson says that due to her now-famous “husky voice” she faced a lot of rejection initially in her career.

The famous actress made her film debut with the film North at the age of nine. Johansson said that she always wanted to work in musical theatre, however, her deep voice made it difficult. Because some casting directors didn’t give her a chance.

Miley Cyrus 

Although her vocals were once referred to as alto, with a “Nashville twang” in both her speech and singing voice, Cyrus has a mezzo-soprano vocal range. Her voice, similar in vein to that of Pink and Amy Winehouse, has a distinctive raspy tone.


Sonique, who is born as Sonia Clarke (is changing your name weird?) was raised in Crouch End. At seventeen, a fellow worker commented that she had a nice voice and suggested she use it. She put together a reggae band called ‘Fari’ in which she made all the music. After Fari disbanded she set about getting a recording contract thanks to her unique voice.

Gilbert Gottfried

Gilbert Jeremy Gottfried is a stand-up comic, singer, and voice actor from the United States. The character of Gottfried as a comedian comes with an overstated accent and an emphasis on coarse humor.

His countless film and television roles comprise voicing the parrot Iago in the animated films and TV show Disney’s Aladdin, Digit LeBoid in the PBS Kids Go! In Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Cyberchase and Kraang Subprime are seen.

Up until 2011, Gottfried was also the voice of the Aflac Duck. In 1990, he starred in the critically panned publicity hit Problem Boy.


Seems like you are not the only one with these awkward feeling when it comes to listening to your voice. What about the other languages? We also made a list of weirdest sounding languages.

Extraordinary doesn’t always mean weird. Even if it does, being weird is a gift as you can tell from the celebrities with distinctive voices. An outside-the-box approach leads you to different opportunities, who knows?