Where to Sell Weird Stuff?

by canberk | Last Updated: May 25, 2021

Weird stuff is always timeless and fun for the ones who see the bright side of life. It is highly likely for you to love selling weird items if you are interested in e-commerce and a cheeky person. 

So before you sell items online, decide the best place for your goods to make extra money.


There are a few large websites and some of them charge much less than others, as you can see. There are higher charges for leading players, Amazon and e-Bay, but they are still among the most trafficked websites. This can be achieved if the goal is to speed up sales.

Best Websites to Sell Weird Things

You could take a little longer to find a buyer on a smaller website if you are trying to maximize your profit. 


Amazon offers almost anything to sell, but it takes approval and an updated selling scheme to sell in certain specialist categories. According to what sell strategy you have, Amazon charges many forms of charges for products sold.

You can pay Amazon 99 cents for the item you have sold plus a referral fee if you want the regular Sales Plan. The reference price is a percentage of the overall selling price of the item, including shipping costs, not taxes, and in general, is 8% to 20%. You also pay a close fee of $1.80. If you sell media products such as books, films, and video games.

The premium Professional Sales Package includes a monthly subscription charge of $39.99, but you don’t have to pay 99 cents per item as with the individual plan. Thus, the business plan is only meaningful if you plan to sell more than 40 products a month.


eBay lets you buy and buy various extraordinary items and has a fee structure slightly easier than Amazon.

For most items, the final selling price for the item includes delivery but not taxes, and you pay 10% eBay. eBay starts charging you 30 cents per listing of over 50 if you post more than 50 products a month.

Besides, you can upgrade and promote your eBay listing for extra charges in different ways. You will, for example, set a reserve price so that at least that minimum amount will be auctioned off. The reserve price for most product types is $5 or 7.5% of the reserve price – the larger, with an overall charge of $250.


Bonanza offers Amazon and eBay-like weird stuff. It charges costs depending on the selling price, plus any shipping costs above $10. So if you sold the item for 20 dollars and delivered it for 13 dollars, the fee will be priced at 23 dollars. For instance, you will pay about 80 cents. Bonanza charges you 3.5 percent of that amount. The minimum fee for each item is 50 cents.

You pay 3.5% of the initial $500 for products that sell for $500 or more, then 1.5% over $500.

In return for a higher percentage charge, Bonanza also offers to publish your listing on the site.

Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, Letgo

These web pages and apps do not always cut back on your sales, but it is up to you to communicate, meet and trade with your customer.

It is certainly a distinct style from online sales and auctions. You probably should stay just online if you do not handle any of the logistics yourself and then meet a friend of a stranger.

You can arrange to meet your buyer in a public location, depending on how you sell them (many local police stations provide a ‘haven’ for such sales). The simplicity here is essential: no packaging, shipping or charges, only cash. But these places have no promises or coverage, unlike many online sales sites, if the customer turns out to be a flat one.

The larger web markets are ideal for getting rid of various things, but you might sell to a more intentional audience for special pieces like unusual antiques and weird clothing.


Poshmark is a hybrid online sales and social network for the clothing of men, women, children and other products. It has a basic fee structure: The price is $2.95 for all transactions less than 15 dollars; for anything less than 15 dollars, the fee is 20%. Poshmark charges $7.11 for expedited delivery to your customer so that you can print a prepayment sticker, package and send off your clothes!

Ruby Lane

You will have to pay an upkeep charge of $54 a month to post up to 50 items for sale on Ruby Lane. List more and tackle from one centime to 30 cents per item everywhere. Ruby Lane also charges 6.7% of the overall purchase service price. Before jumping in you would like a good idea to recover these repair and service charges on Ruby Lane.


Etsy is where it is, whether you are looking to sell your handmade arts and crafts or antique collectives. If you are making handmade weird things Etsy should be the first place you should look. You pay 20 cents to list the item, then a 5% purchase price, including delivery, for the item’s selling price. You will be paid an extra 3 percent plus 25 cents if you use Etsy payments to process your order.

Swappa, Glyde, Gazelle

These pages aren’t so many markets as distributors. You give them a quote and send it to them on your mobile, computer, or tablet.

The sites are essentially very similar so that you can compare quotations and find the best service. It is possible that your electronics would be less expensive than if you have sold them somewhere like eBay. The appeal is how fast these sites are, rather than making them accumulate dust in your drawer, to get quick residues for your weird electronics.