Weird & Vintage Thanksgiving Cards

by canberk | Last Updated: December 3, 2021

November 25, 2021, is Thanksgiving Day in the United States, and it is a national holiday. Today, Plymouth colonists and the Wampanoag Indians celebrate one of the earliest Thanksgiving celebrations in the colonies, which took place in 1621.

Individual colonies and states held their own days of thanksgiving for more than two centuries. Traditionally, thanksgiving cards make your family and loved ones happy along with a generous dinner. 

In this article, we have compiled some weird and unusual thanksgiving cards for the unusual ones! 

A Vintage Classic

Vintage Art Humorous Thanksgiving Postcards
Vintage Art Humorous Thanksgiving Postcards
by oldandclassic

With its natural feel and uncoated matte finish, our Standard Matte paper has a long and illustrious history. Elegant and sophisticated, the colors print softer and more subtle. 

Hallmark Funny Shoebox Funny Thanksgiving Card Assortment

This Thanksgiving, show your loved ones how much you appreciate them by sending them a pack of amusing Thanksgiving cards.

Each of the six cards in the Thanksgiving card bundle features a different design and sentiment. These cards are ideal for delivering warm wishes to everyone on your list thanks to their hilarious designs and witty inscriptions.

Send one to everyone you care about this Thanksgiving. A set of five 5-by-7-inch cards is included, as well as matching envelopes. Hallmark greeting cards are printed on high-quality paper material and come from well-managed forests.

Shoebox cards are a great way to get a laugh out of someone. These sarcastic, snarky, and frequently inappropriate views on life are always timely and startling.

Thanksgiving Cards with Kraft Envelopes


Greetings and Warmest Wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving! A Thanksgiving Day card is one of the most popular and appreciated ways to express appreciation. Celebrate the harvest season by sending your loved ones handwritten words of gratitude and love.

The Thanksgiving Cards are professionally printed on heavyweight and sturdy premium material and are a perfect size. You can write anything you like on the blank back of each card, which measures around 5″ x 7″ when folded. Size matters because it makes it easier to transport and store items.

The funny Thanksgiving Cards are developed with popular Thanksgiving elements such as a pilgrim, turkey, pie and so on.

The recipients will be surprised and delighted by the brilliant colors and stunning patterns with humorous messages. Contains a total of 24 pieces

There are eight various designs to choose from when it comes to Thanksgiving cards. A kraft envelope and a turkey sticker are included with each greeting card. Send the amusing cards in the envelopes with the gorgeous stickers attached to the individuals for whom you are grateful to the people you care about.

Funny Thanksgiving Christmas Card For Boyfriend Or Husband


Deliver a wicked anniversary, Thanksgiving, or Valentine’s Day card for your husband or lover as a thank you gift. The front of this card depicts a Thanksgiving meal with a beautiful image of the stuffing. 

We’ve left the inside completely blank for your personal message, and the uncoated texture makes it easy to write on without smudging. The card is 5 inches by 7 inches when folded, and the kraft envelope matches the card’s texture and color wonderfully.

Funny Turkey Thanksgiving Card 


Consider the product photographs before ordering any of our hilarious cards, which arrive either blank or addressed inside. You can’t go wrong with this hilarious Thanksgiving card!

All of the card’s pages are printed with a high-gloss finish, ensuring a faultless writing experience. You can deliver this funny gift to your friends and family for a dash of humor.

Weird Gravy Thanksgiving Card

This Thanksgiving, show them how much you appreciate them with all of your heart. Trendy color block illustration enhances the lighthearted tone and conveys gratitude for who they are or everything they do.

Made in the USA. Envelopes and gold seals are included in a pack of 25 high-quality cards. This card is perfect to show your gratitude in a fun way.


A lavish feast is a centerpiece of Thanksgiving celebrations in many American homes, which have lost much of the religious aspect of the holiday.

The Pilgrims may or may not have served turkey at the first Thanksgiving dinner in 1621, but the dish has since become synonymous with the occasion.

According to the National Turkey Federation, approximately 90 percent of Americans consume turkey on Thanksgiving—whether roasted, baked, or deep-fried.

Stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie are some of the other classic Thanksgiving meals. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, many communities arrange food drives and serve free dinners for the underprivileged.

You can add color to this tradition by giving extraordinary, weird thanksgiving cards to your loved ones. Happy thanksgiving!