15 Weird Things We Did As a Kid

by Weirdo | Last Updated: January 3, 2021

The 90s were the golden age for weird kids. Even though we all have had very different childhoods, there was a middle ground for our unusual habits as kids regardless of our hometown. 

You know what they say: Great minds think alike. It’s perfectly possible to convert it to weirdness! Considering children as the most creative little humans, we can expect the unexpected thanks to their extraordinary way of thinking.  

Weirdest Things We Did As a Kid

So grab your coffee and get ready to dive into the nostalgic tunnel of weird things we did as a kid. 

Making Up New Names for Things

Speaking of imagination, it’s a must to make up imaginary names as kids. Whose kid calls beards “face grass?” or bees “mees?”

Wearing Light Up Shoes

A classic for 90s kids, light up shoes were one of the most wanted items on a kid’s wish list! No matter what the brand, if you’d wear these shiny things, you were the alfa kid back then lol. Industry 4.0 kids will never know this feeling. Maybe they will wear shoes with IoT, though. 

Doing Science Experiments with Mouth Cleaning Liquid

Some kids were enthusiastic about chemicals! Maybe you were one of them. Remember mixing weird liquids such as mouth cleaning water with toothpaste? Today’s kids do all things with technological devices. An application won’t the do same effect though.  

Jumping on the Bed and Singing at the Same Time

We were the inventors of meditation back then. Chanting non-sense while jumping on the bed like it was a trampoline was one of the favorite weird things of kids. 


Selling Fruits and Vegetables in the Middle of Crowded Places

Every kid had a vendor persona in those days! Either their products were their toys or FMCG like food or drink, we tried entrepreneurship in many ways lol. 

Biting and Chewing the Tip of Pencils

Out of boredom, we did many wild things as kids when we were in elementary school! Without knowing the outcomes of course. How many of you had a complicated relationship with your pencil while sitting still mandatorily?

Eraser Destroying with a Pencil

It must have been out of boredom. But for whatever reason, it was one of our favorite things in elementary school to destroy our erasers with sharp pencils as kids. We’d do it by piercing every inch of the eraser. Poor little thing.

Camping in the Living Room

Building a tent using pillows and blankets ranks high in our weird activity list! As the final touch, we installed a stick under the blanket, and voila: Our majestic tent was ready. The next best thing was to invite our siblings or neighbors to see this architectural wonder. 

Climbing the Door Frames

We had got that moves! Kids instinctively know that moving is a form of therapy. So to create a fun place, we didn’t choose a stable life and climbed these door frames regularly. We were lucky that nobody injured by this weird thing we did as a kid.

Mimicking a Sibling or a Relative Till They Go Crazy

It was not always rainbows and unicorns back in these days. We loved this annoying game. (sorry mom). It was mainstream to act logically! 

Taking Soda Shots

Remember pretending to take shots as a kid? We thought a soda cap was the equivalent of a shot. We’d pour soda into it, took shots, and felt satisfied for some reason. 

Hot Lava Game Strong

We were real adrenaline lovers. Pretending the ground is hot lava and trying to quickly climb the places higher than the ground was one of the best games we invented. 

Playing Lara Croft and Mario in the Semester Vacation till the Sunrise

If we were to name the most popular video games of the 90s, they’d be Lara Croft and Super Mario. Unlike today’s super-realistic games, these two analog ones were extremely catchy and they made us love time-killing as kids. In today’s digital world you can even make your Super Mario levels and courses by Super Mario Maker.

Making Super Long Nails with Playdough

Playdough was the hero of our childhoods. For some reason, we loved to make sharp looking nails with it. One of the weird things we did as a kid maybe caused the invention of today’s exaggerated nail extensions. 

Collecting Slammers and Trading them

We had these Pokemon slammers which were given with chips or some other snacks and we’d collect them to play with them like they were playing cards. Trading them was also popular. Today they were considered as nostalgic and the internet era kids, unfortunately, cannot reach them. 

What Weird Things Did You Do As a Kid?

The 90s were analog years when we didn’t have bitcoins and smartphones. With the invention of nanotechnological things, our hobbies and even weird habits have changed as children.

Back then interpersonal relationships were different due to the activities done together. Playing in the streets, field games, riding a bike, climbing trees, or playing hide and seek were the main hobbies of kids in the 90s. 

With the effects of classic leisure activities, our minds shaped in a way that we wanted more interaction.

Similarly, in our modern era, kids are more comfortable with technology and learn things like coding at an early age. So why not create a common ground between gen Y and Z and shape a new future?