Weird Questions to Ask on A First Date

by Weirdo | Last Updated: May 25, 2021

Relationships can be very fragile and dates can be a labyrinth.

First of all, you want to present someone who might be your partner with the best version of yourself. You want to overcome the uncomfortable “small talk” and find out whether you are both compatible.

But you don’t want to become too intrusive, on the other hand. While there are no rules on how to behave on a first date, some issues may give the wrong impression to your future partner.

According to communications experts, these are the seven worst questions to ask on the first date.

Once you’re relaxed and comfortable, a first date can be a wonderful experience!

How is your relationship with your parents?

Relationship experts recommend that on the first day they stay away from unnecessarily personal questions. Asking invasive questions about their families and friends becomes too nauseous.

Number one is so personal and not your business, number two. If you are uncertain whether this is too personal, you might ask your date if you have an interest in sharing. Many people would want to miss the “small talk” and have a thorough discussion about it.

You can’t fast forward your emotional intimacy; you have to build connections in their own time and manner.

What was the reason you and your ex broke up?

Experts say that the establishment of past ties may also ruin first dates.

Some people may be wondering why their date collapsed with an ex to see possible red flags along the way, love coach Susan Winter from New York City said. However, for many reasons, this issue is troublesome, including the fact that your date is probably not straight with you.

Furthermore, what occurred in the past does not relate to the date now. You might bring out a totally different side of them, while someone may have had a tumultuous relationship with their last partner.

Sometimes with different individuals, we are different variations of ourselves. Some people bring out the best of us and some people bring the worst out of us.

How do you work in such a job?

Avoid views and feedback about what someone is doing, wearing, hanging on, etc. Your date doesn’t want to be evaluated like that.

Why haven’t you been a better friend?

Along with judgmental questions, stop asking stuff that will make you feel guilty of a personal story. Remember, feeling good is the point.

Such remarks may indicate a pessimistic attitude that leads to problems in many ways.

You may say whether people are a negative, judge or mock the people around them, if they’re curtailed with the waitstaff, or complain. That negativity you just don’t need.

Do you wear a lot of makeup quite often?

Don’t really say anything about the look of your date except for a direct compliment. Even if your date looks different in real life or you don’t want to see it again, it always looks good. 

If nothing is good to say, be polite and say nothing.

Do you want a girlfriend/boyfriend?

On the first date, don’t ask for a long-term connection. Although you have to be early on if you want just to hook up or anything more serious, too soon your date will turn off too seriously.

Nobody wants to be asked on the first date even though you are looking for someone to get serious with. To say it is too soon.

Moreover, after just one date, you can not know whether you want to date a person or not, just like if you were a job applicant who wanted a new show, you don’t know whether you’re doing the first position you interviewed for.

You go, you look, you talk to the people, you look at the corporate culture and you get a feel for whether this job would be right for you.

Have you had how many exes?

Why do you not ask: Why should you? The questioner can be a significant red flag on a first date. Everything that might make them feel insecure must be taken into account and the dates must be kept in mind.

How much money do you earn?

Somebody’s income is not relevant for the first day and can give you the impression that you’re more interested in money than the person in question. Spend the first time asking questions to let you know more about the heart of your day, not your bagpipes.