Top 10 Weird Obsessions Which will Surprise You

by Weirdo | Last Updated: April 6, 2021

Weird obsession or compulsion is indeed a psychiatric disorder that does not become real trouble with proper attention or care.


People are attracted to such things when a special stimulus exists in their minds, making them happy or satisfied. So, in this sense, people in the world will become addicted to virtually everything. It looks funny, okay? But wait until you read it. Just wait.

What are some Weird Obsessions?

1. Hair pulling 

They also take their ears, eyebrows, limbs, etc. out of their hair. This is also known as trich and a sign of extreme anxiety. 

2. Piercings

Modification of piercings and body. Every inch is pierced by humans, but it is in no way dangerous. However, later in life, it may lead to complications. 


3. Dirt/Soil to feed 

I couldn’t even properly eat vegetables, how could anybody eat dirt? However, there is a real illness called a Pica disorder. Yet it can be unhealthy for you to feed in big quantities. 

4. Plastic Surgery 

People love to look better. But if we overdo it, things go bitter. It can be very risky for the well-being of a person to look flawless and obsessed with plastic surgeries. It can be one of the most common weird obsessions in future.

6. Working, Working and Working

Hey, actually, it’s a dependency. Many people forget their family and loved ones, they work for hours. Loneliness and loneliness can be induced. 

I’m hooked to my bed and lazy, wondering when science is going to come to terms with this. 

7. Toilet paper for feeding 

Toilet paper should go one place and the mouth should not be. But for years Kesha snacked with toilet paper and went through 4-5 rolls a week. She also takes a part in the films as a snack, the hell with popcorn.

Weird Obsessions of Celebrities / Sport Stars

Jordin Sparks

As a secondary childhood fantasy of Jordin Sparks, she first was to collect the whole 150 [original] Pokemon. Become an American Idol. In an interview she claimed that she really was addicted to the game, and was so upset that she destroyed one of the cartridges.

“Luckily, I still had Yellow Version, my favorite one,” she said in a recent interview. We inquire if she contests Jason Derulo with her hubby. 

Puff Diddy 

Bravo’s “The Real Housewives” series are really liked by P. Diddy. He also knows that being on the series chat rooms is one of his favorites. 

Katy Perry 

It’s nice for you to brush your teeth right? No, not if Katy Perry is you. Numerous dentists advised her that she’s really wearing a daily tooth brushing on the enamel and that she’ll soon have no teeth. But the pop star doesn’t quit bubbling, she’s hooked and still has 20 toothbubbles at hand. 

Mila Kunis

Millions of people are addicted to the online video game, but Mila Kunis? Who might have imagined that such a dazzling girl would be better for her paladin, than for a weekend to go to France? She appears highly addicted and she is worried for some of her closest friends, including Sheryl Crow.

Jessica Simpson 

Nicotine Gum Jessica likes Simpson even though she wasn’t a smoker. Simpson appears to have a very brilliant idea, even if sometimes pinned as a dunce. Perhaps miss the midman entirely and just suck the gum instead of chewing unhealthy cigarettes. The same result, fewer people tell you, “You’re going to die” 

Taylor Momsen

American actor, singer, model, and Taylor Momsen… Seamstress horror? The former starlit “Gossip Girl” wastes time with mad stitching rag dolls. Yes, news from her neighbors became concerned after the actress hanged “deformed-looking” dolls in her home, covering the whole south side. She states that she does it whenever she’s bored, and she added that she will not stop just because it is giving the neighbors nightmares.

Mariah Carey

The average sleep time for Mariah Carey is 15 hours a night. In an interview she recently said that twins changed their whole lives since they were born. “I really feel sick and want to nap. I’m just happier when I sleep,” she told the E-journal. “I’m so grateful. Her latest presence in a shopping network has seemed to illustrate that the pop star is losing its edge. 

 Kristen Bell

Her weird obsession for the sloth was described by Kristen Bell for several reasons. One explanation is, she thinks they’re unbelievably good, “especially when they’re drooling a little,” she says. She likes also how they communicate with the world and hopes that she can move more like them. The actress “Veronica Mars” kept shouting joy as she could hold a slow-down on her birthday.

Do you have weird obsessions and how you can understand them?

Often everybody concerns. Everything like education, how you look, what you said or did in a certain situation, how your parents react or what the future takes with them is natural. However, OCD takes serious fears and questions. 

For one, a majority of people think of someone passing germs or doubting whether their front door is closed. These concepts typically emerge and then vanish. If you do not wash your hands or constantly check the front door, it could be OCD, however, and you keep going back and cause great anxiety.


The signs of OCD can be as different as those of OCD. But certain warning signs can show OCD or a separate condition. Remember the treatment of OCD and other diseases. 

While your parents, teachers, or other adults may be daunting to tell you if you have symptoms, you will recover much quicker if you don’t keep the symptoms secret.

You ought to be examined by a doctor so that the correct condition can be handled. You have to change yourself and return to life. If you would like to find out some weird habits we also listed them.