Weird Natural Hair Colors

by Weirdo | Last Updated: May 25, 2021

Did you ever wonder how normal your color of hair is? You will view a lot more of one hair color than another, based on where you are in the country. Then what are the unusual shades of hair out there? 

The hue that is hardest to find is a complete breakdown in the most common hair color on Earth.  

What Are The Rarest and Weirdest Hair Colors In The World?

Due to the makeup industry, it is impossible to say those are the unusual shades of hair in the world. To try any color you would like is too easy to go to a salon or box and color your hair. However, natural colors appear even less often than others.

Red Hair

Red is the unusual color of the world’s fur. There is a special nuance about 1 percent of the entire world population. It’s not shocking if you try to remember all the redheads you meet. 

Some people claim that Scotland has the highest redhead, but most definitely the US is the most numerous. All in all, European descent is demonstrated by red hair. This unusual hue will go from ginger and strawberry to blazing orange and burnished in the shade.

Ash Blonde Hair

Blond hair is the second largest in terms of distinct hair colors present in around 2-3% of the population. Recall the colored range if you see a lot of blonds in your everyday life or media! Often women prefer this hue because it makes them look lighter. 

Shades are soft shades, such as caramel, sandy or dirty blonde, usually in this fine hair. Cool tones will vary from light to blonde platinum.

Gray Hair

This class consists of older men and retired people at about 4 percent, while others tend to see grey hair at the end of the twenties. There is a general law for gray hair: by 50, at least 50% of the population would have gray hair by the age of 50. 

Curiously, gray hair in 2021, while not necessary to tap the global scale, is currently trendy. This old-style of hair has been removed from the color. It varies between white and silver grey.

Brown Hair

Brown hair is the fourth most unusual hair color, accounting for about 11-13% of the total population. Brown shades may be bright, moods, or rich, earthy, such as chestnuts, chocolates, or molasses. 

Brown hair is the most predominant in the US and Europe, wherein in Africa, Asia, and Australia, much darker shades of brown are seen.

Black Hair

Your hair is deep brown or jet black, with 75-85 percent global, you have the most typical hair color. Textures of the hair may be thick, rugged, or straight, and light. 

A color aside from black or dark brown hair is hard to find in many parts of Africa, South America, and Asia. However, with the globe globalizing, colors, not personal points of birth, would indicate ancestry. 

It is interesting to see where on the globe some of the hair colors and some hair colors are most common, which never come to light like red hair. What’s your hair color, and what does it show? 

Is There a Way to Understand If the Color is Natural or Not?

There’s not a single way to tell if hair color is natural or not. The best way to understand if hair color is original or not is a comparison. With the help of time, you will be able to find out the difference.


In this process of specialization, looking at various pictures of celebrities, hair models, and actresses will develop your eye for art and visuality. 

What are the Weirdest Unnatural Hair Colors?

It is safe to say that the 2000s is the century of anomalies including crazy hair color! Let’s take a look at the unnatural hair colors closely below. 

Bright Red

Nothing’s more grueling than the color of a red hair fire truck. Perhaps that is why famous personalities such as Rihanna have been sportive in the past. Bear in mind that red is one of the harshest colors to retain if you think of this color for yourself, so sometimes it fades easily. A light red is a great color of introduction, especially if you’re already a natural redhead, and distinctive hair color is not entirely abnormal.

Cardinal hair can also be a good starting color, so it can be used as a subtler color, or as a dynamic color all over. Some of the shades of the black hair are violet or yellow if you don’t want to dive into the purple tint specifically. Purple highlights in really dark hair even look beautiful! 

Royal Blue

True blue hair has ever reminded me of a super hero or Katy Perry that in 2010 and then at the beginning of 2012 she rocked the hue again. We all know that the blue hue disappears easily, so you have to look after it.

Silver Hair

Many women fear that they will rise in gray hair someday. But others welcome the gray and silver locks and wear them until they decide to raise them alone. I propose that you go to a salon to first achieve this style, but if you’re ready to try it at home, use a white and blue toner to make your hair blanker as white or grey.


Hair color is a way of self-expression and one important part of identity. So nothing is weird when it comes to personal choices or natural-born appearance. Not judging people by their colors is one of the most crucial things in life.