Weird iPad Cases

by canberk | Last Updated: November 12, 2021

It’s one thing to fork out a significant sum of cash to obtain an iPad for yourself and your filthy hands. It’s one thing not to take any precautions and quite another to purchase, say, a protective cover. 

Dozens of businesses are vying for your business if you need an iPad case. iPad covers come in a wide variety of styles and materials nowadays. So enjoy these weird iPad cases.

Sushi iPad case


This sushi-printed iPad Case is excellent for sushi fans. With its super adorable pattern, it is impossible to resist the urge to order sushi! Have a lovely experience of protecting your iPad in a delicious way! 

Hipster Mona Lisa


If you can’t decide which one do you like better, this option is ideal for you. From Hipster Monalisa to Alice in Wonderland, a wide range of designs is waiting for you at this link. If you aren’t a fun-loving person, there are also minimalistic designs you can choose. 

Space Cat and Pizza iPad case 


This weird iPad case is like a dream because all the items are irrelevant! Though it’s a great funny gift for cat lovers. As a surreal collage design, it’s going to make your study sessions fun.

Plus, it has super-smart properties to protect your devices such as high stability, a wide range of viewing angles, and the ability to type and watch movies simultaneously. It also conserves power and distributes heat.

Kenobee iPad Case


We got a multitasking lover here, as the designer of this versatile iPad case. With its pastel colors, it’s a perfect tabletop accessory while being great for everyday use. 

If you require constantly moving, you can carry it easily with its ring. It has also got a keyboard Grip and pencil Holder. Rotatable foldable Ring provides different angles for the most comfortable keyboard-typing and movie-viewing experience possible… It can also be used as a handle, making it easier to hold and carry. It’s taking weirdness to a whole new level, in a good way.

Black Sheep iPad Case

If you are not a fan of fitting in, show it to the world with this sleek design. This iPad case with a black sheep on it will be your favorite item to showcase your difference. Besides, it’s made of vegan leather. When you unfold the case into a media viewing stand, you can use the stitched internal pockets to keep all of your cards and notes. You’re ready to go as soon as you snap your iPad Pro into the hardshell liner. Both the 11″ and the 12.9″ Pro versions are available. These cases support only 2018 and subsequent iPad Pro models.

Have a Nice Day iPad Folio Case


Who doesn’t have a nice day with this bright-colored and trippy iPad case? Bringing back the 70s, this case is both modern and vintage-looking with multicolors. The bright melting effect on the black leather look is definitely eye-catching. Like the one above, this iPad case is also made from vegan leather and it has the same properties as the one on top. 

Cookie Monster Vintage iPad Mini Cover 

Cookie Monster Vintage iPad Mini Cover
Cookie Monster Vintage iPad Mini Cover
by SesameStreet

Here is an iPad case that will reveal people’s age with its vintage design! If you know, you know. Cookie monster is straight out of Sesame Street and generation Y knows it really well. To go on a trip to the past, you can buy this vintage iPad case and dream of time travel when you get bored while studying!

Vintage Tropical Hawaiian Smart iPad Cover

Vintage Tropical Hawaiian Sea Plane Palm Tree iPad iPad Smart Cover
Vintage Tropical Hawaiian Sea Plane Palm Tree iPad iPad Smart Cover
by AVintageLife

The retro trend is also seen even on iPad cases! This summery iPad case will bring you the warm breeze with its tropical vibes. With its flowery mood, you may feel like you’re going to smell the perfect scent. Have an idyllic break, thanks to this retro iPad case. 

Zombie Mini 3 iPad Case 


Have a constant Halloween with this unusual iPad case. Grab your work with your strong teeth and don’t ever feel unmotivated thanks to this sharp-looking attitude. 

Avengers iPad Case 


Avengers fans, unite! This iPad case is specifically designed for the 2015 Apple iPad Mini 4 is taking everyone to Marvel Universe with its pretty pattern of Captain America.

All the iPad features can be accessed through its precise holes and button molds. In addition, microfiber interior padding provides anti-slip protection when you’re typing, as well as much-needed scratch protection for your display screen.

The cover may be flipped to change the case into a stand for viewing purposes. 


Make yourself a fun surprise and buy a gift. This will change your mood while working, studying, or simply by looking at it, you will be happier.