Weird Gifts for Girlfriend: She Will Be Surprised

by Weirdo | Last Updated: January 24, 2023

Unique gifts for a girlfriend are important for the infinitely special woman of your life. She has all the gadgets she normally has. Maybe her tastes are finer. For all occasions, a man with his acts still has weird gift ideas for his girlfriend.

Often we all need some guidance with interesting gifts for our girlfriends. The market is nowadays full of stuff and we know that you appreciate our suggestions to make your choices more confident. That’s why we selected these weird gifts for girlfriend.

Here is our unusual gift guide for your girlfriend. 

1. For the Weird Soulmates 

Cedar Crate Market always puts a smile on our faces with their mottos. If you love to show how weird she is, this is the ideal gift with a good scent. But when it’s alone, it could be a little dull. You can add some other stuff to create a “weird girlfriend gift bundle”.

2. For Tech Lover Girlfriends

The more gadgets she has, the more she has on her nightstand cords, cables, and loaders. Let her stay fully powered and comfy with this portable charging station, which charges iPhones and Androids compatible wirelessly, smartwatches, and AirPods.

3.   Cinefile Girlfriends Would Love This

This is more of a gift for you both. 100 Movies Bucket List poster lets you see and then check out 100 of Hollywood’s most famous films, from The Goonies to Citizen Kane. This will take you to the border.

4.  Perfect One for Constant Colds


Women tend to be colder. A funny gift for your gf to make sure she’s warm with this present for all her Netflix binges and movie marathons. This wearable blanket gives her the best of the two worlds, as the name describes it: the warmth of a sherpeled sheet of sleeves and bags in order to work. 

5. The Love for Wearable Unicorn Vest 

It’s confusing to try to choose the perfect outfit. This lightweight puffer jacket is great for spring; her arms won’t be cold and her body will be warm. Not the mention the “unicornish” colors! 

6.  Brainy is Beauty

The title is “weird gifts for girlfriend” but let’s add a smart one. Keep your brain stimulated and memory sharp with this brain teaser game, customizable as a solo player and see whose memory is better! 

7. No More Back Pain  

You can’t be her personal massage therapist on 7/24. Such a kneading massage pillow, wherever the body wants, can be stuck when trouble and discomfort comes, such as tense shoulders, tensed back muscles, tight hamstrings, you name it. It beats the back subpar, doesn’t it? 

8. Customize Your Memories 


Is it a long-time relationship? If yes, you may have lots of memories together. Enter your ticket stubs and handwritten notes into her place to store proof for your best moments. You may also add a personal note to the bottom or inside of the box as well as the gravure on the box cover. 

9. Furry Feet at Their Best

She can kick back when she’s home, relax and throw on these TikTok slippers. They are even trendy—look at some Amazon reviews “feel like a hug at my feet.” They’re also super trendy. You can combine these slippers with the candle at the first suggestion.

10. Roll the Dice 

Does she have trouble choosing food? “Let dinner choose itself!” She will find a fast toss of those wooden dice to spice up your nights. There are 12 different food options.

11. For the Aromaheads Out There 

If you know that her essential oil obsession is beyond compare, you can choose something by giving her a high-quality essential oil diffuser to boost her mood. Actually, both of your moods… You can add orange oil to focus, lavender oil to sleep better, lemongrass oil to calm down, and ylang-ylang oil to activate her feminine energy.

12. Let’s Go Back in Time


These colorful stickers are all resonating with a nostalgic spirit and she’ll have 200 vinyl stickers for her water bottle or laptop to decorate with this pack. Plus, it is super easy to delete if she needs to swap them out.

13. Ideal for the Other-worldly Cat of Your GF

This gift is certainly a must-buy for all cat-person girlfriends. Convert a cat into a lovely unicorn with this adorable and hilarious horned headdress. Place the headdress on the cat and adjust the velcro strap to the bottom with great light and versatility. You may love your mate, but for their pet, we can’t say the same.

14.  Corgi Butts is a Serious Thing!

Everyone likes pets, but some people love dogs too much. Their inner dog cravings were fulfilled with this cute butt of corgi gift. This purse is super soft and smart, as similar as possible to the butt of a dog without a true dog.


We selected 14 weird gifts for girlfriend. It is not that straightforward to pick the right gifts to give to girls – they can change their minds at the end of a hat. But you will find some extremely unique gifts that are not sucking for girls with this list. Really, for a long time, you’ll be her favorite. 

The market is nowadays full of stuff and we know that you appreciate our suggestions to make your choices more confident. At the click of a button, all the right presents for a girlfriend. If you want more ideas, you can check the weird birthday gifts guide too!