Weird & Funny Food Challenges

by canberk | Last Updated: January 5, 2022

As a society, ours is one that moves at breakneck speed. Connecting at all times has never been easier thanks to the latest advancements in technology.


A global audience for our foolish behavior is another benefit of this. What’s the most popular approach to accomplish this? Weird food challenges on the internet. For the sake of entertaining a large group of strangers, why not risk destroying your digestive system?

1. Cinnamon Challenge

The cinnamon challenge is back! A few years ago, it seemed like everyone I knew was trying to swallow a spoonful of this spice in order to entertain the Internet. Make this buttery bread pudding instead with the cinnamon you’d otherwise use. It’s one of the weird challenges to do with friends.

2. The Saltine Challenge

If you can eat six saltine crackers in 60 seconds without drinking any liquids, you’ve won this weird food challenge! No, I don’t know. It’s not as straightforward as that. You can watch Spoonies attempting the challenge here.

3. The Milk Challenge 

A gallon of milk must be consumed in less than an hour as part of the milk challenge. When it comes to this kind of effort, most people’s bodies aren’t up to the task, and they typically end up vomiting. “WHY?” is the first question that comes to mind for me.

4. Cookie Challenge

Compared to other Internet food challenges, this one is a safe one. Place a cookie on your forehead and wiggle your face around until it lands in your mouth. Alternatively, you can simply eat the cookie. It’s not going to kill you, so go ahead and give it a whirl. A cookie is also included in the deal. Try one of these delectable Oreo recipes after you use an Oreo.

5. Hot Pepper Challenge

The goal of the chilli pepper challenge is to consume a pepper with a high Scoville rating. I recommend this challenge if you appreciate the sensation of swallowing lava.

6. Wasabi Challenge

The wasabi challenge comes in two forms. The first step is to consume a large portion of wasabi, which, despite the sensation of being set on fire, is actually tame. Both came from Steve-O of the educational TV show Jackass, who opted to ingest wasabi through his nose. I’m disgusted, but yet awestruck.

6. Internet Food Challenge

The Pop Rocks Challenge entails downing a liter of Coke after downing an entire package of Pop Rocks in your mouth. Stupid, yet effective.

Food-related internet competitions, such as the Salt and Ice Challenge

This is the most absurd of all the challenges. Basically, all you need to do is rub ice on your arm and sprinkle salt on it. This will feel like a third-degree burn to the touch. Not for the faint of heart, kids.

7. The Sink Challenge

Three slices of bananas, ice cream scoops of up to 8 flavors, 8 topping options, whipped cream mounds, toasted almonds, and cherries are all included in this ice cream concoction at San Francisco Creamery Co. in California.

When it comes to winning the prize, you’ll need to accomplish more than just finish the challenge… You need to break the existing record time in order to qualify. Is there a word for this?

8. The 72 oz. Steak Competition

The Big Texan Steak Ranch and Brewery in Amarillo, TX, has been running this competition since 1962. Customers can compete for a free 72-ounce steak if they finish it in under an hour.

It all started with a cowboy eating contest organized by the restaurant’s proprietor, Bob (RJ) Lee, who wanted to see who could devour the most 1 pound steaks in an hour. That day, Bob said that anyone who could stomach the same amount of food as the winner would get their dinner for free the following day.

9. The Test of Your Cheese

Flinging a piece of cheese at a baby while laughing uproariously was one of the funnier, less dangerous (depending on whom you ask) food challenges of 2010.

The Cheese Challenge, that’s right.

The combination of a baby and cheese is already a winning formula for internet fame. Charles Amara, the man who initiated the trend, is from Michigan, but he wasn’t the one who made it popular. That was the work of Twitter user @unclehxlmes, who made the movie public by posting a snapshot of it. Finally, out of concern for his family’s well-being, he removed the video, but not before it had been viewed over 10 million times.

10. The Banana vs. Sprite Challenge

In the 2010s, there are a lot of food challenges that entail making yourself ill, or rather, attempting to avoid vomiting while your friends watch and laugh. All in the name of Vine (may he rest in peace) right?

Taking the Sprite and Banana Challenge is like performing a research study on oneself in that you are the subject of the study. Masochism and other forms of torture are also on the list. Simply consume two bananas, then instantly down a can (or bottle, depending on your level of bravery) of Sprite, all while avoiding the need to throw up. In actuality, the winner is the last one to throw up. That’s because you’re about to vomit. It’s a matter of fact. Because of that we didn’t embed any video but you can find dozens of them in Youtube.

A foamy reaction is induced by the interaction of carbon dioxide from the cold soda and the protein in the banana. Foam and gas must be expelled from somewhere other than the stomach, which has a limited capacity.


Weird food challenges are not for the delicate. People have been willfully forcing themselves to consume extraordinary and occasionally horrific mixtures for years in mom-and-pop establishments. In return for accomplishing these weird food challenges, what do they get? T-shirts or even their name plastered on the wall are usually the only compensation. So it’s only the adrenaline that keeps them going!