8 Weird Egyptian Gods and Goddesses

by canberk | Last Updated: January 4, 2022

A lot of gods and goddesses may be found in Egyptian mythology. Pop culture and the public’s imagination have given rise to some of these characters. More obscure ones can be found. But that doesn’t lessen how terrifying they are. Here are eight lesser-known and weird Egyptian gods and goddesses from Egyptian mythology.



Mafdet was an early goddess who represented venomous animal protection and justice/execution. She was frequently pictured as a cat. However, she was a woman who wore a cat head when she wasn’t a cat. As well as a headpiece made of scorpion or snake stories. She was also a badass in every sense of the word.

She had a strong connection to execution, and you didn’t always see her because she was removing a deadly snake from your property. Her portrayal as a cat chasing an executioner’s staff was one of her most well-known. 

You might be beheaded in the afterlife if you were an adversary of the pharaoh, using “Mafdet’s Claw.”

She’s also the goddess who arose from the Egyptians’ observation of cats dropping dead animals at their feet. 

The Egyptians deduced that there was a cat goddess who performed comparable functions. Mafdet, on the other hand, placed the hearts of evildoers at the pharaoh’s feet. She’d ripped the hearts out of her own body. You’re a great cat!


Babi dubbed the “Bull of the Baboons,” has a powerful phallus that was employed as the mast of the ferry that carried souls and a fondness for eating entrails. 

He’s a deity of the underworld, and he may either be extremely beneficial to your deceased self or quite harmful.

On the one hand, calling on his name will ensure that your afterlife sexual experiences are fruitful. On the other hand, as the alpha baboon, he has an erection that never goes away, making him dangerously fertile. “Murder on sight,” on the other hand, is the way he lives. Just be on the lookout for danger. One of the dangerous and weird Egyptian gods.

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You don’t want to see “Ammit, Devourer of the Dead” in the hereafter. Although she was revered, she was feared more than worship. Ammit was a demon made up of lion, hippopotamus, and crocodile, the largest animals that could consume an ancient Egyptian. It has a crocodile head with a lion’s front and a hippo’s rear.

Getting into the underworld in Egyptian mythology required the removal of some of the body’s most essential organs and storing them in jars. 

You were measured against the feather of Ma’at, the goddess of justice and truth, by the deity Anubis when you died. It was considered “impure” if the heart was heavier than the feather, and Ammit would devour it. As a result, you are doomed to wander aimlessly as a restless soul.


According to folklore, the ancient Egyptian sky goddess Nut’s body produced a vault or canopy over the world. 

Her portrayal as a woman whose body arches across the sky while wearing a dress embroidered with stars is highly famous in scenes and iconography. Nut was the mother of Isis, Osiris, Nephthys, and Seth and the wife and sister of Geb, the deity of the ground. 

In ancient Egypt, there was a common belief about the goddess Nut swallowing the Sun god Ra at the end of the day and giving birth to him again the next morning. Nut’s children were thought to be born on the five epagomenal days of the year, and each of these five days was commemorated in Egypt every year.


Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bes

Bes is instantly recognizable because of his short and crooked legs, sticking-out tongue, feather headdress, and bulging belly.

Amulets, furniture, columns, vases, and tableware represented him as well as little or giant statues. From the pharaohs to the slaves to the pregnant women to the scared kids to the warriors in warfare and the partygoers, Bes played a role in everyday life and between people.

To aid newborns and the deceased entering and to exit this world, Bes appears on magic wands. When pregnant women sought the dwarf’s protection, it became associated with birthing.

Two magical spells reference a “dwarf of clay” placed on a woman’s belly in labor, as giving birth was a risky process back then and women and newborns needed all the assistance they could get. Dance, shout and shake your rattle to frighten away evil spirits.

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For centuries, Nefertum was known as the “god of perfume” because of the lovely blossom on his head. At one time, he appeared to have emerged from primordial waters and was bathed in a sweet scent of blue lotus flowers. Furthermore, Nefertum was also revered as a god of healing and an aromatherapist in the ancient Egyptians. He should be in our generation with these skills, one of the weird Egyptian gods definitely!


Neith’s iconography altered over the years, making him one of the most ancient Egyptian gods. She’s occasionally depicted as a lady holding an ankh and a scepter, or as a woman wearing the Lower Egyptian Red Crown. 

She’s also shown with a bow and arrow or a harpoon in her hands. Depicted as Sobek’s mother suckling a tiny crocodile at each breast. The goddess may also take the form of a serpent or a fish. 

She is regarded as so intelligent that even the sun god Re seeks her advice. But if you don’t listen to her, she’ll become so enraged that the sky will fall.


Geb, the God of the Earth, was one of the weirdest gods in ancient Egypt. Although he was shown as a goose, Geb was usually pictured as a man wearing a combination of white and Atef crown. With greenery sprouting from his body in the guise of vegetation, Geb is represented as a green-colored figure who represents the earth. 

In addition, he was known for his ability to treat colds, fevers, and especially scorpion stings. He is pictured as a man lying on his side, one arm supporting himself, beneath his spouse, Nut, the personified sky. His ribs and back produce grain and vegetables. And one more thing, a burst of joyful laughter which causes earthquakes.


Well, it does not come to an end just with these weird deities. If you dig deep enough, we promise you will find more weird Egyptian gods like we mentioned that once were worshipped and scared on a daily basis.