Weird Doodles by Inspiring Artists

by canberk | Last Updated: September 23, 2021

Thanks to Bullet Journaling, Zentangle, and a revitalized interest in designs, Doodling has exploded within the last few years. It’s great to doodle anything, because it’s proved that doodling helps to retain information.

In this article, we listed some weird and unusual doodles by the most inspiring artists. 

1. Joe Whale AKA The Doodle Boy


Joe Whale (10 years old) used to have difficulties at school before he asked to decorate a local restaurant in the style of his cartoon doodles when he got attention and is grateful.

Since he was 3 he created art and “likes producing doodles of whatever I am inspired in the surroundings and designing characters of everything I see such as my Burger and Fries, Flowers, vegetables, cakes, yum, clouds and so on.”…

This letter doodle of him may bring color to your room or your kid’s room in an unusual way. .

2. Mr. Doodle

Bu gönderiyi Instagram’da gör

Mr Doodle (@mrdoodle)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi

Sam Cox is a doodle artist, popularly known as Mr. Doodle and describes everywhere his objective in life, all the time.

His art was renowned for consuming surfaces, walls and furniture in an almost infectious manner, continuously spreading through clusters of figures, objects and patterns, and in the last couple of years, he has traveled around the world to unleash his doodles with his last doodling voyage to Mexico.

His Keath Haring-ish weird doodle reflects a great turmoil. 

3. Visoth Kakvei

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Visothkakvei (@visothkakvei)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi

With digital improvements, Visoth takes his work to a new level

The Cambodian graphic designer Visoth Kakvei specializes in the most complex hand-drawn artwork of doodling with true depth.

What really stands out though is the digital improvement of his artwork, either with colored bursts or making it into solid-looking objects that seem to break out of the page. He appears to never stop inventing; in his Instagram feed you may find hundreds of beautiful examples.

Have a great vortex experience with this doodle of him.

4. Hattie Stewart


This wrapper is the indisputable queen of doodle art produced by Hattie Stewart for London-based artist and illustrator, Computer Arts magazine.

The company is known for its innovative graphic design, iconic cover-ups and collaborations with Adidas and Apple, among others. The above-mentioned wrapping cover and weird doodle was designed for our computer arts sister magazine.

“The character of the matter had been wonderful for me (of course), so for one great joyous party, I wanted to gather all my characters together on the cover,” adds Stewart.

“It’s a rare chance that a magnificent canvas is given free rein.” They were manually drawn, then scanned, modified and composed at Photoshop, and Stewart’s interactive project I Don’t Have Time for This, which was part of the solo show of the artist in the NOW Gallery in London.

This psychedelic doodle will bring a colorful storm to your place.

5. Jon Burgerman


The ‘I look out from the window’ from Jon Burgerman is a twist in stained glass

The most famous of the colorful, fluid, and whimsical designs of Jon Burgerman.

This layout, called ‘I look out of the window,’ was developed for one of the huge windows in the New Art Gallery of Walsall. The brief was to represent the hardships and trials of being an artist, including a concept, ideas, breaks, and e-maile.

In our posting, How to utilize Instagram as a digital script, find out more about Burgerman and his doodle art.

Try his fun coloring books instead of a mandala. 

6. Roxanna Coble – By Bun


Roxanne Coble is the mixed media genius with a painterly, pattern-filled art journal that revolves around the soul. Every time I view her art, I am dragged into a beautiful interior environment.

Try a different approach to tarot with her beautiful doodles. 

7. Koosje Koene

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Koosje Koene (@koosjekoene)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi

Koosje recently took responsibility in my diary for the rebirth of blind contour drawings. Take a look at her food sketches, life, and anything she can notice.

8. Orly Avineri 


Orly’s art journal is intriguing, brave and it demonstrates what might take place if you lose hope and allow the art to lead you. She has recently inspired us to utilize darker colors.

With these earthy tones, root for yourself and create a natural space in your place.

9. SARK 


SARK has done a career to assist individuals take their creativity and embrace themselves everywhere. Her books will be published in her handwriting, and most will be randomly read. She’s a strong defender of the word YES and what she can achieve if you believe in yourself. You’re going to see why once you learn about her story.

Through these vivid colors, have plenty of warmth and joy.

10. Jennifer Hewett

I am somewhat new to the work of Jen, but she took her exquisite block prints, cloths, stitched crafts, weird doodles and fine art immediately. Last weekend, I took one of her online courses and took a blow to explore, brainstorm, and create.

Jen Hewett uses abstract forms or nature patterns in her weird doodles, which will transform your space into a peaceful home.

11. Flora Bowley

Flora’s work and teaching originate from a place where creative and spiritual life is joyful, honest, acknowledged. A beautiful mess.

Her doodles are reflections of nature and its philosophy with vibrant colors. 

12. Dirty Footprints Studio, Connie Solera

Connie’s art and blog explore how we might use our creativity to live more truthfully. That’s fantastic. I was inspired to create and paint my own seed pods after seeing her latest Instagram post of them. You might have noticed that it’s a bit of a recurring subject right now!

Such vibrant colors with a sense of Klimt!


The pieces on display were created by a variety of artists. The majority of them may be viewed in greater detail at the source, which you can access by clicking on any of the photos or credit links. We hope you liked these weird doodles.