Top Weird Clothing Brands for Extraordinary People

by canberk | Last Updated: January 5, 2022

All is good and enjoyable to call Fendi, Gucci, and Prada in short verses, but true fashionists know what is beyond great brands. Now that print-at-home offerings are parallel, business designers will launch their products without the help of millions of dollars — and overall fashion would be stronger for them. 

The democratization of the world of fashion ensures that every few minutes, a new designer starts clothing – and it is constantly impossible to sort the tricks from the treasure. We have been working to figure out who we might be searching for Instagram advertisements that are continuously bombarding our feeds with new lines — all of them straight theft stoles.

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Here are the various weird new-generation clothing brands we have listed:

In the 2020s, How Some Clothing Brands’ Identity Involves Being Weird?

2021 was one of the weirdest years considering the millennium, without a doubt!

Since fashion promotes consumerism, some unusual brands market themselves as underground, different, outside-the-box to create extraordinary branding and position themselves around a manifesto. Therefore, they aim to reach their relatively younger target group. 

Alien Body 

Pictureplane became a worldwide cult feeling with the violent, punk-inflicted noise of his artist. Now, with Alien Frame, his quirky line of Dark Sexy Streetwear, he took his peculiar style sartorially.

Post-nu-metal styling with dark, sexy, and paranoid images incorporates a Brooklyn-based brand. It appears to be worn on the Gothic side of the musical scale by Sound Cloud rappers.


weird clothing brands santo

Reaching young people with the slogan “Superior quality for superior style,” Santo has a very interesting streetwear style. They have very big cargo pants, X-RAY jeans and sweatshirts, horned hoodies, etc. You could definitely catch attention with those clothes.

They ship all orders in 24 hours, and you can pay via Apple Pay, PayPal, Klarna, or credit card. Also, they have worldwide shipping so that you can order these weird stuff from anywhere in the world.

Little Whip 

Here is the utter pleasure: a grim, graphic style that is influenced by dungeons and kink is Little Whip’s sex-positive line of BDSM-inflected streetwear.

The sweaters and tops are unisexual and have plenty of morbid imagery to ask for. Their lookbooks remember Bruce LaBruce’s and Kenneth Anger’s films, which are special sexual nightmares in hype form.

Ten Yards 

DJ and designer Sam Branman in Brooklyn is now a great artist among the most respected drag artists of New York City nightlife, including Drag Race Winner Drag The Drag Queen.

Ten Yards may be most well known for his jockstraps, influenced by his flirtation, and geek culture, but more recently, he has gone to intriguing handmade bomb jacks, sweaters, and overalls.

He has a gender-inclusive cast of children and performing artists constantly portrayed in his fashion, making them the most entertaining presentations about his DIY budget. He also allows design payments at ludicrously fair rates.

Tripp NYC 

In the early 1900s, a suburban punk template so sophisticated became a fashionable option among rappers and streetwear stars via a repetitive retro-mode loop.

In the first few days of Hot Subject, their trademark split-leg pants became commonplace, and since then, they have been copied by Rappers like Lil Uzi.

How he managed to thrive all these years remains unknown, but a new wave of taste designers now follow this iconic company’s odd paint, pattern, and over-the-top accessories.

Strip Mall Couture 

Strip Mall’s probably a brand, and they probably don’t want to be on anybody’s radar. Your platform is full of warnings such as “Don’t contact us” and “Don’t follow us” but the sleek esthetics will make you stand out in every crowd.

Their work is ironic and cheeky; a shirt now available called “You Get What You Pay” sells for almost $500. However, Strip Mall does not walk, and its enigmatic job continually intrigues me. I can’t decide whether or not I owe two of their shirts to take them seriously or not yet. Go figure. – Go figure. Take your shirt, and your mates almost certainly feel mad and nuts when you have thirty dollars to spare.

The Hippie Shake

weird clothing brands the hippie shake

If your weirdness stems from an irrepressible love of the past, you might like to dress up hippie style. The After being founded in London with the love of the 70s and nostalgia, they opened to America after a while.

If you like vintage things, you will love the exquisite outfits The Hippie Shake describes as “wearable art.” They have accessories, blouses, denim, dresses, shoes, jackets, skirts, shorts, pants, and also swimwear in their shop.

Why We Define These Brands as Weird?

Subculture always has been defined as “weird”. Unlike mainstream fashion brands, these small business clothing stores are rooted in underground elements. There lies the answer to this question.

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Weird Collections from Popular Clothing Brands 

Are you ready to take a look at the all-time weirdest collections?

Viktor & Rolf 

Viktor & Rolf use couture strategies on their usual pretty-but-oddball faces to put on phrases like “Please don’t take photos” “I am not shy, I just don’t like you” and “No.”


By May, we told you about a string of strange marketing shoots by the high-street retail giant ZARA that shoppers have been distracted. 

Fashion giant Balenciaga has one-top the highway chain with this elegant picture of a woman that might appear to be swallowed alive by a couch in the cooky shoot stakes. 

Showing the monochrome bags, socks, and other accessories of Balenciaga, the picture captures a model sandwiched between the couchers, with an unusual angle of the legs. 

Confused fans rapidly ridiculed the shoot on social media.

Iris Van Herpen

Iris Van Herpen is a creative artist notable for the convergence of fashion design science and modern media. Every selection is created with great talent, incorporating long-lasting (almost forgotten) and innovative production techniques.

Her contemporary view transforms into an artistic expression that focuses on beauty and regeneration, which is transformed into wearable art.

Develop innovative ways, forms, and systems consisting of interdisciplinary study and partnership with the most influential artists and scientists; give life to the notion that mode exceeds clothing and strives not just for design but also fashion, art, and science.