Weird Chocolate Flavors

by canberk | Last Updated: January 5, 2022

These weird chocolate flavors range from sweet to salty, and they all have a unique flavor profile. Consumers have been more willing to experiment with new flavors in recent years. 

Exotic and unfamiliar ingredients have become increasingly popular in the food industry, making many consumers eager to experiment.

Savory spices can add a unique twist to chocolate flavors. Customers who like less indulgent sweets will appreciate the combination of sweet and salty. Cheese pizza, bacon, and even ants(!) are among the most out-of-the-ordinary varieties of chocolate available today.

Cheese Pizza

One of the best things about chocolate is that it can be dressed up and converted into a sophisticated dessert or dressed down and turned into a quick and practical snack—in this case, rather than being sweet, this Tirol chocolate is savory.

This chocolate is designed to look and smell like a tiny block of cheese, drawing inspiration from classic comfort food. Why keep these two fantastic dishes apart when you can have them both in a single bite? Since chocolate and pizza are frequently at the top of favorite food lists, why keep them apart when you can enjoy them both in a single bite? 

Whether you want your dinner and dessert flavors to be kept separate or not, this new pizza-flavored chocolate is an unusual find worth seeking out during a trip to Japan.

Green Zunda

The Zunda Kit Kat, derived from edamame, is one of many new tastes available in Japan, thanks to the opening of the official Kit Kat boutique. 


Traditional Japanese snack food, zunda, is made from ground sweetened soybeans and eaten on top of mochi, which is a sticky rice cake. 

This Kit Kat bar has a green-tinged chocolaty layer on the surface and a white wafer cookie reminiscent of the Japanese cuisine. 

The chocolate bars and their candy wrapper branding surely aren’t shy about showing off as something distinctive, even though green isn’t one of the most attractive food colors. 

According to those who have tried it, the flavor isn’t quite what one expects, but it’s still pretty delicious.


There’s nothing wrong with having mushroom chocolate popcorn if you can get your hands on chocolate-flavored popcorn. Sounds fair. 

You may be surprised at how extraordinary these weird chocolate flavors and bars are. They are made with mushroom blends. That should be on your “hundred things to accomplish before I die” bucket list.


Let the world know how much you adore bacon. There’s no reason bacon can’t be both savory and sweet. For the diehard bacon connoisseurs, there are chocolate bars flavored with bacon. 

Chocolatiers have created a variety of unique flavors, including “applewood, smoked bacon and alder wood smoked salt”, “crispy, uncured bacon nibbles,” and other variations on the bacon chocolate theme. But, of course, we don’t just want a lot of tastes in our chocolates; we also want a lot of flavors in our bacon, maybe it can be weird but there’s nothing wrong with that.

Peanut and Ketchup

Ketchup could be familiar flavor for potato chips but definitely not for chocolate. We also listed weird Lays flavors!

As much as we enjoy the taste of peanut butter or even plain peanut chocolates, the combination of peanuts and ketchup has got to be one of the barmiest chocolate combinations ever. 

There is a giant question mark over the question, “WHY?” that comes up in my mind when I think about this limited-edition chocolate bar that was released to celebrate the election of US President Barack Obama. The good news is that it is no longer available. You don’t have any chance to taste this weird chocolate flavor.

Ant Candy

If you weren’t one of those kids who ate anything and everything as a child, you might want to give ant-flavored chocolate a whirl in your adulthood. 


Ant chocolates are available from several manufacturers; however, all of these manufacturers ensure that the chocolates they sell contain real red fire ants. Don’t hesitate; you never know if this will be your only opportunity to experience something new.

Cucumber Vodka Mint Chocolate

Liquor-filled chocolates aren’t new, but this mojito-flavored confection is. A white chocolate ganache filled with cucumber puree, vodka, and mint is encased in dark chocolate and only available for six months. Why? Because it contains no preservatives and is made specifically for each order. 

Cigar Chocolate

This weird chocolate flavor is a godsend to those who need nicotine. This chocolate, which contains cigar leaves marinated in rum and cognac, will make you long for a crackling fire next to your chair. Peppery aftertaste mimics that of smoking a cigar in your mouth and throat.

Green Tea

Another is a product of that country. Nestle developed more than a hundred strange local flavors in Japan that include everything from smoked flavors and veggies to cheese. 

We’re not quite sure how green tea and chocolate go together. However, one thing is for certain: this weird chocolate flavor will not assist in the reduction of body fat.


When it comes to Vegemite, which is manufactured from a brewer’s leftover yeast extract and flavored with veggies and spices, locals love it while most foreigners hate it. 

Even if this is part of what makes the classic Australian food spread so beloved, it might be more accessible to a larger audience combined with the familiarity of chocolate sweets.


Chocolates flavored with Wasabi, mint and tamarind, Japanese umami, and other wacky flavors are available. There are just a few places where you can get your hands on these treats.

However, if you’re feeling adventurous, try placing an order for these weird chocolate flavors online and see what happens. Still some people even don’t like chocolate but if you try enough you can find your perfect flavor.