Weird Challenges to Do With Friends

by canberk | Last Updated: November 17, 2021

Are you seeking for a new challenge to take on with your pals? Has the expression “boring people grow bored” ever crossed your mind? We, on the other hand, don’t believe it! 

There are times when we get bored and the best thing to do is to come up with something fun to do. So send a text around to see if any of your buddies are available and see if you can put anything together! 

Have no idea what to do with your friends when you’ve run out of things to do? Here are the interesting ideas of weird challenges to do with friends!

Chubby Bunny Challenge

You and a friend can compete to see how many marshmallows you can fit in your mouth while still saying “chubby bunny” in this famous YouTube video.

Oreo Challenge

An Oreo must be dismantled so that the frosted side may be stuck to your forehead, and you and your pals must race to get the biscuit into your mouth as quickly as possible. It’s a fun race that ends with a delicious dessert! To do this weird challenge with friends is one of my favorite things to do.

Guess the Song

Give a point for the first person to correctly predict the song’s beginning or ending because we’re all secretly hoping to be Whitney Houston.

Not Laughing ChallengeĀ 

You want to laugh the most when you are unable to do so. But, isn’t that always the case? This type of game is an excellent example of that!

The 100-Layer Challenge

You and your companions must wear 100 layers of stuff for this challenge. As an example, you can choose a make-up product and put 100 layers of it on each other as part of a 100 layer challenge.

Clothing or fewer layers can also be used to complete the challenge (for example, 50 layers of nail polish).

Cereal Battle

It is possible to play the cereal challenge in a variety of ways. For example, it’s possible to win a challenge by eating a full bowl of cereal without adding any drink in five minutes.

Watermelon Challenge

Watermelon eating in two minutes is a difficult task. Isn’t that a good thing? The fact that you can’t use your hands only complicates matters.

Seven-Second Game

Choose a basic job like tying your shoes, cooking your favorite sandwich, or solving an equation, and take on the 7 Second Challenge with your pals!

Accent Competition

Playing the accent challenge with your pals is a lot of fun since you get to mimic different accents and voices. You can, for example, mimic the Jamaican Accent, British Accent, Russian Accent, Indian Accent, and other fascinating accents.

The Baby Food Battle

In order to win the baby food challenge, you and your buddies must each eat one spoonful of a variety of baby foods without vomiting. After you’ve finished the baby food, you’re allowed to sip water. A blindfolded challenge where participants estimate what baby food they’re tasting and a wrong guess results in repercussions can also be used.

The Beans & Chopsticks Competition

Playing the Bean and Chopstick Challenge at home or at a party is a lot of fun. Each player receives a bowl of beans and a chopstick for this challenge. The beans must now be transferred to an empty bowl with a chopstick by each diner. The winner of the competition is the person who manages to eat the most beans using chopsticks. Is this challenge weird enough for you?

Making Faces with a Blindfold

With a group of friends, the Blindfold Makeup Challenge is a great way to spend time together. There is a blindfolded make-up challenge for you and your pals to take part in! The task should be documented with photos and video.

Draw While You’re Blinded

Blindfold drawing is a real test of one’s artistic ability. You and your buddies can take turns blindfolding one another and drawing basic things for each other. Start by drawing simple forms, such as circles and squares, before moving on to more complex subjects like trees, clouds, or even yourself!

Blindfolded Food Competition

You may have a good time with your pals by doing the blindfold taste challenge. Blindfold each other and see if you can guess what you’re tasting. For this challenge, you can use everything from Oreos to baby food.

The Brain Freeze Challenge

During the “brain freeze” task, you have to enter into the icy bath and answer a question properly in order to exit. So it’s a good thing that your pals aren’t afraid to ask straightforward inquiries!

The 16th Bread Challenge

The bread challenge appears to be both weird and straightforward. Unfortunately, there are times when this isn’t the case. Bring your buddies together and watch as they race against the clock to consume two slices of white bread in under two minutes, all while staying completely dehydrated. To win, you must be the quickest to do the task.

My Mouth/Hands Challenge

Anybody can take part in this low-stress exercise. However, a blindfold is required for the first round. The blindfolded player is then meant to receive an item from another participant. It’s then up to the blindfolded player to figure out what the other person has put in their mouth or hands.

Wrapping Up

Doing weird challenges with friends and family is now up to you. A challenging video is a cheap and easy way to have fun with friends without breaking the bank.Ā 

Put a fresh spin on an existing challenge or come up with creative challenges of your own, as challenges are the quickest way to go viral. You never know what the next online craze will be!

Keep in mind to tag your friends and capture a video of any fun challenge you decide to participate in. Then, share this list of easy, enjoyable weird challenges to do with your friends!