Weird Bicycle Helmets

by canberk | Last Updated: November 12, 2021

Road safety has never been a more divisive topic than it is now. With cycling head-cam warriors suddenly finding themselves in daily bouts with buses, cabs, and autos, and spotlighting the issues that nearly every commuter rider has encountered at some point while going.

Despite the uncertainty, one thing is sure: people will always come up with funny answers to important topics, such as how to keep our riders safe when they’re out on the road.

We’re talking about bike helmets, of course, and the increasingly bizarre shapes and sizes that some of them are taking these days, as we’re sure you guessed from the big bold title that sits just north of these words.

When we’ve been out riding or exploring the weird internet, we’ve come across some genuinely bizarre bike helmets. Weirdest things you’ve ever seen:

Hövding Helmet


The airbag Hövding Helmet is going to make you feel like you are in the clouds. Plus, safety! Providing you the Swedish technology, Hövding has a minimalistic design yet elegant. ​​

Offering you extraordinary security, this airbag technology allows up to eight times the protection of conventional bicycle helmets in the event of an accident. 

It also tracks you with the Hövding Icon Accident procedure.

Airbags inflate within 0.1 seconds following an accident. In case of an accident, the Hövding Icon App Bluetooth®-connected notifies predetermined ICE contacts. 

Straw Hat Helmet 


Everything is done fashionably. It’s not a big deal. The Straw Hat Bike Helmet is a new take on classic flair, perfect for the fashion-forward modern wearer who seeks out attention. 

In order to use the YAKKAY Smart 2 bike helmet, you’ll need both the Danish-designed YAKKAY Smart 2 helmet and the Bike Pretty Straw Hat cover (sold separately). 

When checking out, choose the helmet + cover package to receive both together. If you currently own a YAKKAY Smart 2 bike helmet, you can save money by purchasing cover only.

Yakkay Tokyo Denim Bike Helmet


This denim helmet is also ideal for the ones who don’t like the sporty way. Bringing the lady style back, this helmet allows you to protect your head in style. 

In reality, the Tokyo Denim Bike Helmet comprises two parts: a CPSC-certified safe bicycle helmet and the Tokyo Denim Bike Helmet cover. 

In order to ensure that you arrive looking excellent in any condition, all of the coverings are hand-created to be gorgeous as well as tough. 

Denim bucket hat helmet cover in a dark wash. This helmet is both practical and fashionable thanks to its lightweight base and breathable cover. In addition, you can buy a single helmet and a variety of “hats” to match your clothing because the covers are interchangeable.

Raskullz Hawk Helmet 


A Mohawk is the epitome of cool. Fans will line up eagerly for your next heavy metal event once you add a bike to the mix.

Raskullz is a company that turns safety into a game, selling everything from shark fin helmets to bunny ears.

Wipeout Helmet 

This one lets you be creative at the same time. With colorful pens, customize your helmet and create again if you feel overwhelmed by the design you made. 

Time to apply the designs you thought about while riding your favorite bike!

Funny Bicyle Helmets for Kids

Raskullz Shark Helmet


The Raskullz Shark helmet features an adjustable chin and inside straps. It’s got shark nose 3D printed images. 

With all of its features, you can rest easy knowing that your child will be well-protected from the elements while wearing this helmet. 

Most skulls measuring 48-52 cm may wear this hat comfortably. Recommended for children ages 3-5. Always make sure you get an accurate measurement of the size of your head. 

Even within a single age group, differences in head size and form can occur. Therefore, it’s risky to ride with a helmet that’s too small for you.

Lanovagear Kids Bike Helmet

Nothing is cuter than a ladybug helmet for your precious little one! This pretty child helmet is suitable for children from the age of two up to eight years. 

It is also ideal for people with a head circumference of 18.9-21In (48-54cm), and fitted with an adjustable turning knob. It is comprised of sturdy and durable PE materials with breathable Polyester sleeves. 

While participating in sports, these provide the child with a sense of coolness and comfort and safety protection for their knee, elbow, and wrist.

CrazeHeads Girls Helmet 


Offer a unicorn as a gift to your baby girl! This glitter helmet will quickly make your kid happy with its sparkly, colorful mood. 

As a one-size helmet, it’s perfectly suitable for all children. Also, you can choose it for all types of sports. 


When selecting a bike helmet, the most important consideration is safety, but there are other factors to consider. 

We’ve put up a gallery of 8 weird bicyle helmets for your viewing pleasure. While some of these amusing hats aren’t available for purchase just yet, we can all look forward to seeing them on the streets shortly.