Top 10 Weird Things to Ask Alexa

by canberk | Last Updated: May 25, 2021

You can ask Alexa a lot of funny questions, and she gets very interesting answers sometimes. These questions, known as Easter Eggs, are hidden gems that make us all flirt with the middle school student.

View this fun list of strange questions Alexa has to ask for from physical sounds to find out her opinions on other A.I. aides. Here are some of the best games to play with Alexa after you’ve done this.

Would you like to know Alexa’s funny stuff? Alexa will complete your food list, play Mozart, tell you the weather, purchase from Amazon, and answer your weirdest questions about Trivia.

She can also manage your intelligent home goods.  But she has a funny bone in her too. Here’s a great sample of her sass and her wit to make you feel good.


Who is Alexa?

Alexa is the automated, life-oriented personal assistant of Amazon (A.I.). You can access the Fire HD 8 tablet and the Fire TV setup box using the Amazon Echo smart speaker or any other cameras.

Two years ago, Alexa was initially released. It was created by the Computer Hardware and R&D arm of Amazon Lab 126. Since Amazon launched, Alexa has continuously updated.

One of the most common applications for emerging voice technologies is this virtual personal assistant. Alexa listens to the commands of your speech and thus answers to the tasks.

How Does Alexa Answer Questions?

Alexa connects via wireless Internet to your home – or anywhere you get it. She is still listening to the magical word Alexa, which can be Echo, Amazon or Computer by chance.

Alexa will use voice acknowledgment to awaken when the magic word is used to send your order to the cloud-based Alexa Voice Service and your message will be interpreted.

She’s so witty, how come? The cloud is the actual force. Alexa works on several powerful servers in various data centers as a software-based operation.

Then the orders are redirected by Echo or your home device to the appropriate locations and the reactions interpreted by Alexa. As long as you have incorporated the skills of Alexa into your scheme, you can do it pretty much. However, it takes far less time to ask Alexa about funny stuff than to read it in this section.

Top 10 Weirdest Questions and Funny Responses from Alexa

Alexa also offers a funny side that allows for amusing talk apart from being a trustworthy assistant and home control center. Here are 10 of Alexa’s weird things to ask Alexa, and witty answers which are viral wildly. 

1) You’ve got a cat, Alexa?

I’ve got no dogs. I had a few bugs before, but they were squashed all the time.

2) Make me a sandwich, Alexa.

All right. You are a sandwich! 

3) I’m your dad.

Nooo. This is false. This is impossible.

4) Is the cake a lie, Alexa?

The pastry isn’t a fib. It’s sticky and tasty. If you finish asking me questions, you can have some.

All right, maybe she didn’t get the impact of this Portal. But hearing her try is adorable.

5) When you grow up, Alexa, what do you want to be?

I’d like to be Star Trek’s machine.

6) Alexa, meow

(Alexa meows!)

Other Weird and Funny Questions to Ask Alexa

If you’d like to test computer intelligence limits and learn about the weird things to ask Alexa…

  1. What if you step on Lego, Alexa? Alexa?
  2. What’s the three robotics rules, Alexa?
  3. Who’s going to cross the lane, Alexa?
  4. The chicken or the shell, Alexa, that first came?
  5. Alexa, what is the kilogram weight of the sun?
  6. Alexa, when a tree falls, what does that sound make, but I see not?
  7. What is pi’s worth, Alexa? 
  8. You’re a cat or a dog person, Alexa?
  9. Why are you like that, Alexa?
  10. Android or Apple?
  11. Where are you living, Alexa?
  12. Alexa, what’s the English language’s longest word?
  13. Ask my best friend, Alexa
  14. Alexa, how to get away with murder?
  15. Alexa, what’s the English language’s longest word?
  16. What’s your sex, Alexa? 
  17. Light me up, Alexa!
  18. What’s black and white, what’s just black and white?
  19. Tell me a citation, Alexa
  20. Do I ever get annoyed, Alexa?
  21. You remember, Alexa, who’s my girlfriend?
  22. How many angels, Alexa, will dance on a pin’s head?
  23. Alexa, framework! Frame!
  24. Give me a hug, Alexa?
  25. I’m hot, Alexa?
  26. Fuck Alexa! Fuck Alexa!
  27. Alexa, how old are you, how old are you?
  28. Let’s play scissors of rock paper, Alexa.
  29. Hello HAL, Alexa.
  30. Alexa, does your fridge work?
  31. Alexa, are you going to order a pizza for me?
  32. What wood can be like a wooden chuck, Alexa?
  33. Where are you living, Alexa?
  34. You’re hungry, Alexa?
  35. Alexa, to be or not to be?
  36. Am I irritating you, Alexa? Alexa?
  37. Beatbox, Alexa.
  38. Tell me your secret, Alexa.
  39. You’re lying, Alexa?