Is it Weird to Walk a Cat?

by Weirdo | Last Updated: March 5, 2021

Did you ever see a cat walking on a leash? It’s one of the most spectacular yet fun attractions. We know it feels weird for both sides, but it’s not a rhetorical question! It depends on the cat and the owner. (These two terms are interchangeable…)

When it happens, a cat’s not a senseless gimmick walking on a leash. A lot of felines love the woods, the sounds of birds, and the smell of freshly cut grass. Moreover, this practice will lead to improving the relationship between a cat and its owner by giving the couple an experience.


Is It Possible to Walk a Cat?

Cats enjoy outside, and your kitty will gaze out at the sun and air for a long period from the windows. If well trained, you and your feline companion will be able to walk on a leash opening the door to unlimited adventure. But if you were to tether your cat, you would not have found that the exercises are simple and that it turns out to be enjoyable.

Is There Any Equipment to Walk Your Cat?

There are all sorts of collars, leashes and straps on the market, both for dogs and cats, so it’s essential to do your research and make sure you choose a healthy, excellent product that suits your feline companion appropriately. Take a look at some of the quality choices and follow the tips below for the best results. 

Are There Any Cat Breeds to Walk with Them?

The answer is: Absolutely yes! Here are the most sociable cats who enjoy discovering around. 

The Burmese

Burmese cats, particularly when younger, are lively and curious cats. You want to be with you and you should walk on a leash. 

The Burmese are medium-sized cats of about three to five kilos. They have lovely short, sleek coats in many solid colors, such as chocolate, brown, fluffy sand, and red, etc. 

Because of their short coat they have very few wardrobe standards. However, they have medium to high focus criteria.

2. The Maine Coon

Maine Coon cats are big cats and they are another cat that many people believe is like a puppy. Maine Coons are gentle giants who enjoy love and caring. 

They are also curious and can walk with a leash.

3. Siamese Cats

The Siamese cat is another very clever cat with certain doglike characteristics, which is curious. A lot of Siamese cats go on a leash. They have a shiny, short shedding cover in several shades, such as cream, blue, lilac and seal. They have beautiful blue eyes, of course. 

They enjoy a medium to a great extent.

walking with a siamese cat

4.Turkish Van

The Turkish van is another active and friendly cat who is a strong hunter who will take you for a stroll among other activities that you will learn to do.  They are quite autonomous. However, as long as it’s on their words they are still affectionate and caring. This is a smaller cat with a full weight of 8kg.  They have lovely white and burnt hair, even though there are new shades these days.

5. The British Shorthair

The British Shorthair cat is a feral kitten, but not very active, so you can walk him/her on a lead when you are walking together. They are more like a sit and watch the world go by cat type, so if this is a priority for you, it might not be the first option.

6. The American Shorthair Cat

The American Shorthair is a social cat who learns easily and enjoys some walks with you in a collar and lead/leash. They are very affectionate and adaptable to change. They have a modest level of hair shedding but low grooming upkeep.

7. Ocicats Can be Trained

Ocicats are really smart cats and can quickly be conditioned to walk on a leash. They’re both super athletic cats that like a lot of movement and movement.

8. The Pixiebob

Pixiebobs are perfect house cats. They’re pretty trainable and they’re great for walking with lead.

9. Somali Cats

The fun-loving Somali cat is a relative of the Abyssinian and is a cat who can comfortably walk on a collar and a leash if you want to.

10. The Korat Cat

The Korat is another sweet cat who likes to follow his humans around. Korats is a friendly, caring cat who likes to be taught. They’re decent cats if you try to put them on a leash.