Is it Weird to Have No Friends?

by Weirdo | Last Updated: March 5, 2021

Without mates, everyone will feel “cursed” – when people think about you before they ever knew you. It will rob your self-esteem and trust, making it much harder to socialize. But it’s very common. If you keep asking yourself “Is it weird to have no friends?”, here’s an article that contains some things to do alone and that explains the reasons why. 


Worries of People Having No Friends

Often we do things that lead people to hate us aggressively. Maybe you think you’re too self-focused, too bad, too clingy, or too clingy. 

It can still feel, though, that even though they do, people do not like us. If someone is distracted and unable to talk, we may presume that’s because, even if they do, they don’t like us. If someone in his message doesn’t use smileys, we might presume that they’re upset with us even if they don’t. 

See facts pro and against to find out why people just do not trust you. Can you find examples of people like you in your life?

Ok – maybe you’re nicer than you thought. In this situation, poor self-esteem may be the real source of unwillingness.

Is Having No Friends A Problem?

At some point, we must all be capable of communicating with others. Social connections are important both to get things we need and to carry out important activities.

We are like all species of animals, all of which need to communicate to do something with others.

animals with their friends

However, it is not necessary that social interactions go beyond this stage until these roles have been completed.

It may be good to stick with relationships and build optimistic emotions. However, these partnerships do not actually matter more than being happy alone. 

Some people spend a lot of time with others; others spend better on their own.

There may be circumstances in which certain people have to communicate easily with others when there are too many moments around them. And then there are also cases in which certain individuals often feel isolated. Neither condition is better than the other inherently.

Is it weird not to want friends?

We must also find the right ways to communicate easily (and efficiently) with other people. Yet we all have to find the right ways to feel happy and to do it ourselves. Being alone is just as critical as being with someone. 

Analysis in 2017 reveals that people who spend time alone because of insociability appear to report greater innovation. Unsociability is not a bad thing – it just means that you don’t care how you communicate with someone in particular. 

You can already know that time alone improves the imagination and helps creativity prosper. Conversation and contact with others will distract you from attempts to brainstorm or contemplate possibilities.

Not to say others’ words are meaningless — time with friends can be good. Even, the desire of higher consciousness is not a failure. 

You probably need plenty of time to sort ideas and to find sources of inspiration to further your work while you compose, design, create music, or participate in other artistic activities.

Solitude helps you to talk and increase consciousness about your own feelings from other background noise.

What you can do if you have no friends(Things to do Alone)

Alone, you have the right to be completely aware and perceive life as you see them. You should experience things alone. Perhaps, you can be in more peace with yourself if you have less friends in exchange. A list of things to do on their own is provided here. 


At the end of the day, how many friends you have doesn’t matter. If you find like you don’t have to make more friends, trust your feelings, without letting others’ viewpoints affect you. 

That said, isolation, like anxiety and depression, can lead to mental health symptoms. It’s not really easy to meet new people and you can feel alone by fighting to make new friends. 

If you feel lonely, therapy can provide a supportive place for coping with isolation feelings and can provide compassionate advice on ways to create positive links to others.