Is It Weird to Go on Holiday Alone?

by Weirdo | Last Updated: April 6, 2021

It can be extremely rewarding to ride with family and friends and provide us with life-long adventures and laughs.


It might also seem that going on holiday alone is a less enriching experience. How do we compare it without our beloved friends sharing it? 

But many veterans recall extraordinary solitary journeys that open their eyes, glorious days when they set out by themselves and discovered and realized stuff that couldn’t have been anything other than that. 

Why fly by themselves? Dream of your finding. There are many reasons why moving alone in your life is interesting at least once.

Is it Normal to go on Holiday Alone? 

Travelling by yourself is absolutely natural. You may love to be alone in your head, if you’re a quiet man.

In comparison, a vacation solo has too many benefits. You would have a great opportunity to speak to everyone around you, whether it’s other visitors or residents, for a memorable experience when you travel as a community. 

Another user from Twitter agreed with this feeling and said that she discovered a secret beach with locals, with whom she ended up making friends, because she visited Malaysia alone. 

This true experience is just one of the many benefits of flying alone.

Best Destinations for Going Holiday Alone


It is impossible to picture a coastline more fortunate than Costa Rica and the hospitality of nature is warmly extended to visitors. The hubs of Tamarindo, Santa Teresa, Puerto Viejo, Fortuna and Nosara have become especially solo travel-friendly places to begin, as well as at friendly hostels such as Tamarindo, lone travelers can land here and immediately sit in a tribe of others or surfers.

One of the most biodiversity-rich countries of the world, Costa Rica prioritizes protection of biodiversity with a series of outdoor adventures on the menu. This makes it a haven for a particular race of eco-minded explorers.

Stockholm, Sweden 

Spread over 14 bridge-connected islands, a paved old town (Gamla Stan) and a smattering of trendy parks, Stockholm mixes fairytale fascinating looks with Scandinavia’s metropolis and makes it especially perfect for women alone with the protection and slickness of its environment.

Maybe carry your cookies in a local guidebook Vespa ( to trendy Sodermalm, the iconic record shop on the corner, which plays from Abba to Zappa, at the Pet Sounds Bar.


The cities of Canada are considered to be civilized, cultured and elegant, but it is the open-air properties that make the area such a mecca for solo travelers within easy reach from Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver or Ontario.

As the second-largest nation in the world, Canada offers an extensive menu of landscapes, all covering six time zones, from the rising glaciers, rugged beaches, and the wild tundra. 

Usa, New York 

It is this: jetting to the world’s highest octane town, when there is a solo voyage that is like catching the bull by the horns. But in this huge anonymous city you are never alone, you’re never lonely and you’re never noticeable.

It doesn’t matter who you’re with when it comes to New Yorking, and it is an infectious lack of concern.

Every traveler in the New York area takes a long to-do list and individuals go better: so eat the prick in Central Park, stroll through the creative walls, stroll down the Broadway, take a show of world-class art, shop at the Fifth Avenue’s major labels and Williamsburg’s antique boutiques and enjoy swish city health facilities like the Aire Ancient Baths (one of the Swiss city’s most famous resorts in New York).

Don’t Go These Places Alone

The Fountain of Lovers, Rome

Fountain of Trevi is Rome’s most popular. However, few people know that there is a rectangular basin outside the fountain on the right with two little channels, even more unknown but very romantic: a lover’s fountain. 

The so-called fountain of lovers is on the right side of the famed Trevi fountain. It is very plain and without special decorations and consists of a rectangular basin.

The name of this small spring is taken from the old tradition according to which the couples who drink the water in a pair are reciprocally fed and loved.

In the past the girlfriend filled a fresh glass before a trip breakup or otherwise, this water-filled a fresh glass and gave it to her boyfriend. The girlfriend offered it. Then the glass cracked, and this gave those who left the promise of allegiance.

Kid-Friendly Hotels 

Kid-friendly hotels may not be the best option for a solo vacation. As a lover of going alone holidays, we guess you are not a fan of loud families with kids! We admit that kids are cute, but not everyone’s purpose for a holiday is the same. So try to do your best research before hitting the road! We think going on holiday alone is completely natural but if you like to go to hotels with many kids alone, it can be a bit weird.

Restaurants opposite to Eiffel Tower

There comes another place for newly fiancées! Aside from the huge crowd, it’s highly likely to stumble upon too many couples for a proposal. If romance is not your cuppa tea, you might want to choose off-season to see the panoramic view of Paris! 


Summary for Solo Travelers

If you still ask yourself “Is it weird to go on holiday alone?” You’re not the only one! 

But remember that it will change your life to fly alone. Don’t get me wrong, any way to wander around this glorious world will transform and boost people’s lives with restless feet, but solos are something unique.

Traveling solo means that you can’t count on others to optimize your journeys. You are left to navigate the world, to welcome, and to shy away from the wild’s continually shifting message. It will affect you regardless of where you go and what you do.