Best Stay Weird T-Shirts to Buy

by canberk | Last Updated: November 13, 2021

​​What started as a lingerie item has now evolved into a wardrobe mainstay: the portable poster. The T-shirt, of course. 

The history of the white T-shirt stretches back to the Wild West and the union suit, but it was the U.S. Navy that made it popular in 1913, and today we can’t picture our lives without it.

Since the 1960s, T-shirt design has taken a turn, becoming a platform for individuals to express themselves. 

This means that you may now wear a graphic T-shirt to express your ideals, favorite band, or tell the world about your past vacations without saying anything about it. However, it is also possible for it to be merely a humorous T-shirt with no deep meaning behind it.

We’ve compiled a list of great “stay weird” t-shirt designs that make imaginative or clever use of the shirt’s blank canvas.

Unique Stay Weird T-shirts for Women & Men

We’ve compiled a list of great “stay weird” t-shirt designs that make imaginative or clever use of the shirt’s blank canvas.

Upside Down Kind of Weird

This t-shirt with a fabric that is gentle on the touch has printed “stay weird” text on it. Perfect for crop tee lovers, it has a round neck and short sleeve in a bright hue. 


It’s made of a nice fabric that’s comfortable to wear. You can wear it with jeans, shorts, skirts, or pants. With its minimalistic design, it’s suitable for everyday use. Grab that simple beauty!

Black is the New Black


This classic black t-shirt brings a new approach to elegance with the crown design on it. Suitable for machine washing, the Jean Michel Basquiat style “stay weird” t-shirt has an official Riverside logo. 

A Minimalistic and Natural Approach 

With its green color and small, simple “stay weird” text on it, this “stay weird” t-shirt is one of the most beautiful stay weird t-shirt that you can combine with other style elements. Green is the color of nature, so you can buy that and spread your weirdness to promote sustainability. 

Halloween Meets 70s 


Tie-dye patterns are still so hip in 2021. Even with these weird t-shirts! Thanks to the creepy style font on it, it brings Halloween kind of style together with 70s bohemian elements. This distressed shirt is also great for Californian surfer style!

A T-shirt to Go to Alice in Wonderland 


Mushrooms, with a 70s font, are such a trippy duo! If you like Alice in Wonderland style weirdness, this “stay weird” t-shirt is great for you. This classic short sleeve jersey t-shirt is both for men and women. Users keep falling in love with it because of the soft cotton and high-quality print. The ribbed knit collars on these t-shirts help to shape them. 

A Witchy Touch to Weirdness


Weird witches, unite! This bohemian beauty is perfect for your rituals providing you with the energy you need. With its broad color scale, it’s possible to reflect your mood in most situations. Besides, if you are not that extrovert and couldn’t say it out loud, this stay weird t-shirt will help you spread your message! 

Fierce Pink Fever 


Brace yourselves. This super fierce pink tank top is coming! As seen on this stay weird t-shirt, pink is not always for a sweet mood. The tattoo-ish, witchy doodles printed on this shirt make it look very badass! Perfect for intense workouts, this bomb is ready to style your most outfits. 

You can wear it with leggings, denim, skirts and much more. Let’s take a moment to appreciate all the little things in our lives, both secret and not so secret, that makes us who we are: natural, interesting, odd, and… ourselves.

Bohemian Weirdness


This basic super cotton tee is perfect for both men and women. Cotton construction ensures that designs will be bright and eye-catching. To ensure a proper upper-body fit, the shoulders are tapped. Because there aren’t any side seams, the flow is uninterrupted. Ribbed knitting enhances the suppleness of the collar. This product’s materials were sourced ethically and sustainably.

Simply Red


This tie-dye red stay weird t-shirt is made of 100 percent cotton. 

To extend the life of the design, wash the item inside out on cold or warm/cold. For drying, use low heat or allow your clothes to air dry if you have the luxury of time. As with any other hue, red washing clothing requires special attention.


Great T-shirts have long been a wardrobe mainstay. A nice T-shirt is vital for remaining fresh when working out, staying comfy while lounging, and today they’re also a mainstream fashion statement — and a power statement. 

Hypebeasts wear basic white T-shirts under their grail-worthy sneakers and accessories, while businesspeople dress in quality tees and suits for success. In a nutshell, it is excellent to wear “stay weird” t-shirts and embrace your personality!  

A few decades ago, the idea of a T-shirt revival would have seemed absurd. However, when it came to counterculture fashion, standalone t-shirts were a fashionable protest against the corporate world of collared shirts.