13 Weird Scented Candles Which You Didn’t Know

by canberk | Last Updated: May 25, 2021

For some people, the gift season only takes place during Christmas. It’s merriment for some for a long year. Any gift will have a particular influence on the recipient, no matter how little, whether it is an arrow candle or luxurious jewelry.

For you to practice the art of sharing, there is no need. Precious moments such as a new home, a newly married couple or a new addition to the family are simple instances that could inspire a person to do something from his or her own heart.

Today the interior design industry has flourished; in every department shop candles of various designs and fragrances also have their section. It’s on the list of any designer!

Why scented candles?  

Have you ever dreamed of a life without a sense of smell? No more home-cooked appetizing foods.

The scent of the cooked food takes you into a cerebral period in which you can even begin to visualize its flavor before the taste buds enter it. No longer longing for the signature fragrance of someone. 

So here are the interesting and weird scented candles we listed for you. 

1.Cereal Chiller Vibes at Home


Since Froot Loops cereal just smells like that, this candle smells like a bowl of it! This cereal scented candle is ideal for especially the ones who love smoothie bowls and unicorn colors! Go ahead and make them feel in food heaven.  

2. Bakery In Your Home 

Are you a sweet tooth? These cinnamon roll scented candles are ideal for bakery lovers. Enjoy these weird food candle scents for an extraordinarily yummy feeling in the house. 

3. No Berries to Eat? No Problem! 

We are close to summer days and chances are, you want to drink berry smoothies. If you don’t have berries in your kitchen yet, this berries and cream candle is here for you. Fully soy candles with no chemicals plus a heavenly smell. The one among the weird food scented candles! 

4. Time to Espresso Yourself

Are you aware or do you love a person who needs just a bite in his life? 

Time to Espresso Yo’ Self:  Soft, roasted Colombian coffee beans are the best part to wake up. Dark espresso with buttery caramel and vanilla cream cream create a balance that will protect your cup of coffee. 

5.  In the Land of Pink Sands 

When it comes to weird-smelling Yankee candles, this cotton candy-inspired smell of pink Yankee candle is on top of the list. Yet, it is ready to warm your space with a feeling of princess land!

6. Offensive Candle Scent 

Do you know someone who needs to chill? There are innovative ways to tell that. Give this candle to your stressful friend candle and let them breathe the calming citrus and basil scent. It has 90 hours of burn time for the cases of burnout! 

7. The Funny Candle Scent 

This witty soy candle is orange, lemon, pineapple-infused and ready to detoxify your space! Perfect gift for funny social messages.

8. A Mouth-Watering Effect

Bacon is not just for the eggs and burgers. This bacon-scented candle will make your home smell like a breakfast buffet and will also surprise your guests in a delicious way! Maybe it’s not easy to prefer it but there is no doubt that it can be one of the most weird scented candles.

9.  Tents In the House 

Make your marshmallow sticks ready! This smoke-scented camp fire candle makes you feel warm and relaxed from the strangely sweet odor of wood-fired up after a toasty night. Bring the camper aura into your livingroom. 

10. A Great Gatsby Feeling 


Looking for a luxurious sensation? A champagne-scented candle that could charm you with the bright, fuzzy, fizzing fragrance is here. 

11.   Dirty Dancing 

Perfect weird scented candle for the laughs. This weird dirt-scented candle has 40 hours of burn time and good for the ones who are not afraid of getting dirty. More than just a funny gesture, these domestic candles are an ideal gift for weirdos.

12. For a Really Weird Experience 

Give a weird gift sure to get a laugh… and then constant use! These small batch candles are both weird and practical! These funny, handmade candles are more than fun items- they’re the gift that your friends love every minute. Perfect for a relaxing evening and enjoying a laugh every time you light it!

13. For Pizza Freaks 

Yes, a pizza scented candle could spread its flavors in your livingroom.


On Scenty Candle Company, a pizza scented candle is offered and it is telling us that if you want “the smell of pizza throughout the house” then it is the perfect gift for yourself.


Candles are an excellent way to give any space an atmosphere — particularly if this candle smells like pancakes or has unusually different names. If you want to surprise your friends or make your place a phenomenon, consider these choices.